Another Snow Day? What Does it Mean for Your Roof?

Posted in Personal Insurance

New Englanders have plenty of snow to spare, which is why homes in this region require special attention during the winter to prevent damage. One of the most common causes of property loss during the New England winter comes from the formation of ice dams on roofs.  As snow accumulates, it eventually melts and drains, freezing along your roof’s edge. The frozen edge, or ice dam, prevents future melted snow from draining. Ultimately, water pools on your roof and can either cause collapse or invite water into your home through your walls or ceiling. Property claims from ice dams are not cheap!

In the middle of winter, ice dams have most likely formed on your roof already, but you can prevent potential problems.  You can utilize a roof rake to remove excess snow or apply ice melt socks directly to ice dams. Always use caution and if all else fails, call a roofing professional.