Pet Photo Campaign: October 2012

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Welcome to WTPhelan’s October 2012 Pet Photo Campaign – a great way to combine two of our passions: animals and supporting our community. We hope you will join in the fun! Do you have a favorite photo of your pet? Post it on our Facebook page and don’t forget a caption. We will be picking our two favorites in November and giving those animal lovers the chance to honor or remember their pet with a commemorative brick in support of Buddy Dog Humane Society, Inc. and the community walkway they are building in Sudbury, MA. Please review our campaign guidelines for all the details and happy posting!

Campaign Guidelines
Campaign Dates
  1. Our October 2012 Pet Photo Campaign will run from 8:30 a.m. EST on 10/9/12 to midnight EST 10/30/12 at which point we will encourage our Facebook community to comment on their favorite photos
  2. Participants will have until midnight on 11/12/12 to make comments and Like photos 
  3. We will select our two favorite photos and let everyone know by 11/15/12   

Photo Submissions

To be considered for one of the commemorative bricks, your photo submission must:

  1. Be posted to our Facebook wall
  2. Contain images of animals only (for reasons of personal safety, photos with individuals will be removed from our Facebook page and will not be considered as we advise our clients to safeguard their personal information carefully)
  3. Be your original photograph and not altered or digitally enhanced
  4. Contain an accompanying caption (preferably with pet name)
  5. Be appropriate for a public audience of all ages
  6. Not violate any copyright infringement

When you submit an image to our October 2012 Pet Photo Campaign, you are giving us the rights royalty-free to display the image as we see fit on Facebook, our website, or in print.

Selection of Favorite Photos

To ensure all pet photos get equal exposure, we will create an album on our Facebook page to house all submissions. When the campaign ends on 10/30/12, we will direct our Facebook community to this album to review the photos as a whole, and we will encourage everyone to comment on their favorites. WTP will select two favorite photos (somewhat arbitrarily), taking into consideration the comments and responses each photo receives.   
In support of Buddy Dog Humane Society, Inc., WTPhelan will be donating three commemorative bricks to their community walkway. In addition to WTP, two pet owners will have the opportunity to honor or remember their pet in this special way. These bricks are a classic brick red with black engraved lettering (up to 3 lines of text) and will become part of an overall commemorative walkway being built at the shelter in Sudbury, MA.