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Is Your Employer Provided Life Insurance Enough?

Many employers have reduced the life insurance benefits they provide in an effort to cut costs; your life insurance benefit could be reduced or cancelled without your knowledge and expose your family... Read More

Do You Need Supplemental Life Insurance?

The good news is your company offers life insurance as part of an employee benefits package. The bad news is it may not be enough. Read More

Life Insurance as an Estate Planning Tool

WTPhelan has been in the insurance business for many years, and we wish to share an observation that few people considering an estate plan ever have presented to them. If one were to compare two families... Read More

Introducing WTPhelan's Life Insurance Department

WTPhelan offers a variety of Life Insurance options. We are committed to providing superior service in a professional, informative, and friendly manner. We will conduct a thorough review of your situation... Read More

All About Insurance: Ten myths about life insurance

Single people or couples without kids don't need life insurance. Life insurance is too expensive. Stay-at-home parents do not need life insurance because they don't earn a paycheck. These and other... Read More

Employer life insurance is usually not enough

One benefit that employers frequently offer is life insurance. Since it's usually free, the experts say there's no reason not to take it. But before you decide that's all you need, you should understand... Read More